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Defend your heart. Boost your immunity. Rehydrate the exotic way.

Heart-healthy polyphenolic antioxidants team up with a massive dose of vitamin c, along with the revitalizing power of potassium.

Our all natural starfruit juice is not from concentrate, and has no preservatives. We just want to make a genuinely healthy, innovative juice that we can stand behind. That's why our juice is not only 100% pure, it's also only 100 calories per service.

If you're still new to the restorative, recuperative powers of the starfruit, don't take our word for it. Compare us to other products, and read up on some research first.

Drink a bottle of Star Power with your breakfast each morning and see the world of difference it makes. We guarantee it.

Each of our cases contains twenty-four 16oz units. at our normal retail price of $2.99, the 6-pack saves you $3, and the single case trial saves you $22. Free shipping on all orders.

Champions of the Star Power Challenge can save hundreds of dollars here. Not to mention all the benefits of drinking Star Power daily.

Star Power. Live Healthy.

Star Power - Pure, Premium, 100% Starfruit Juice
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